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  • Toner & Ink Factory
    Balmoral Industrial Estate
    Kells Road
    Abbeyland South
    Navan, Co. Meath
    C15 A38E

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Why Remanufactured?

A complex, heavy, perfectly good piece of plastic, the length of your forearm. Thrown out as soon as it runs empty.

Printer cartridges. Destroying the environment.

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The future of
printing is

A complex, heavy, perfectly good piece of plastic, the length of

your forearm. Thrown out as soon as it runs empty.

Printer cartridges. Destroying the environment.


We believe in a greener future, where printer cartridges are

remanufactured when empty instead of thrown out.

Today’s printer manufacturers draw profit from the sale of cartridges, not printers. Printer cartridges are sold to consumers as single-use – no printer manufacturer will ever recommend the usage of cartridges that aren’t brand new from the original manufacturer, nevermind even the recommendation of refilled, compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges. Printer manufacturers do all that they can to make sure consumers are buying new cartridges every time their customers’ used cartridges run empty.


This model is simply wrong. It doesn’t work for the consumer or the environment.

The printer-cartridge economic model is an environmental crime.

To put the wastefulness of this practice into perspective: imagine if every time your car needed fuel, you threw out your empty fuel tank and bought a new fuel tank to replace the one you just threw out. Consider the waste involved in this practice – the wasted materials of the fuel tank and the wasted resources used to manufacture the fuel tank, every time you needed more fuel. Consider, too, how much more expensive driving would be if you had to pay for a whole new fuel tank on each refill.


Now, imagine in this analogy that you could in fact reuse and refill your tank without wasting it – that car and fuel tank manufacturers were simply profiteering off of a fuel tank economy they had created. When it comes to printer cartridges, this single-use fuel tank analogy is a reality.


The simple fact of the matter is that for most cartridges, ink and toner, you can get multiple uses from them by simply refilling and servicing the cartridge on each empty. The printer-cartridge economic model created by printer manufacturers is the exact definition of profiteering. The physical waste produced in the process of this practice is a crime against the planet, and the needless expenditure manufacturers manipulate their consumers into is wrong.

What is remanufacturing?

Our remanufacturing process of a toner cartridge is similar to a servicing. The cycle of a printer cartridge can last anywhere from two to six uses until we no longer remanufacture it, depending on how the cartridge was originally designed and manufactured. Toner is refilled, cogs and springs are replaced, gears are cleaned. A cartridge is continuously tested throughout the remanufacturing process. The cartridge is always in full health and ready to print when it reaches our shopfront shelf.


All that we do at Toner & Ink Factory revolves around the reuse, remanufacturing and recycling of printers and cartridges. Someone hands us their empties when they buy new cartridges – the cartridges they’ve bought were previously someone else’s empties a few days prior, but have been remanufactured, tested and are ready for use since then. The empties that they have just given us will be remanufactured, tested, and given to someone else to use. Throughout a cartridge’s lifetime it will cycle through different owners, until it no longer has any more uses left in it.

We hope that one day, printer cartridges are designed and manufactured to be inherently sustainable. This is how the printer-cartridge model should look, and we take it upon ourselves to fulfill this model.

With us, the future of printing is green.