We remanufacture our toner cartridges ourselves.

It would be madness if you had to get a new fuel tank every time your car needed more fuel, wouldn’t it?

Today’s printer-cartridge model is designed to make profit from cartridges, not printers. Printer manufacturers design cartridges that are to be used once and then thrown away, in order to force you to continuously buy new cartridges. Often, these original cartridges don’t even last as long as they should due to poor manufacturing. This practice is deliberate by manufacturers. Their profit is made off of reducing capacity, increasing price and not providing a service to reuse cartridges.

From the beginning, this business’ focus was on making printing as reliable as possible, while keeping things financially fair. Businesses rely on their printing, and so printing needs to be reliable as well as affordable.

We remanufacture toner cartridges ourselves to make sure the quality of your cartridge will serve its entire lifetime, and to be able to reuse the cartridge once it’s empty, avoiding huge amounts of utterly needless waste. Our cartridge remanufacturing process can be seen as servicing the cartridge’s toner and parts. We service, remanufacture and test each and every cartridge that we receive and supply.

We don’t yet have the facilities to properly remanufacture ink cartridges, although we only supply cartridges we ourselves trust from people we trust. Our ink cartridges are built identical to the originals, and we sell them at a price fairer to the customer. When empty, they get sent back to the original manufacturers to be refilled.

Our ink cartridges vary, but always have more capacity for often a fraction of the price more. You used to be able to see the amount of ink in cartridges but not anymore. Today’s cartridges often have 2-5ml of ink, with the ‘high capacity’ version having 7-8ml. Our ink cartridges can have anywhere from 1.2x to 9x the ink, for not even twice the price (at our highest capacity), simply because there’s enough space in the cartridge to fill it that much. Original manufacturers deliberately misuse the space for their own profit.

Our mission is to be the place people know they can trust with their printing, away from the manufacturers and brands that only draw profit from the lack of experience and expertise of their customers.