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If you have a printer, then you also have a PC, Laptop, Tablet or phone from which to print. We are all familiar with updates, which in the main are for security reasons, and though it is a nuisance we go along with it because we really have little or no choice. If you’re tech savvy you can delay the update, or postpone it for a more suitable time, but most of us don’t fall into that bracket. But why printer updates? It’s not as though you can get a virus or a security threat on your printer. The reason is simple. It’s to stop you using non original cartridges, or aftermarket cartridges as they are correctly known. Aftermarket cartridges cover remanufactured or compatible, sometimes referred to as spurious. The biggest “offender” in the inkjet market is HP by a mile, followed by Canon and to a lesser extent Epson. Bother cartridge updates are very rare fortunately. If you own a relatively new HP and you buy non HP cartridges you will no doubt have come across the message “cartridge problem”, “unrecognized cartridge” or “one or more of the cartridges are missing or damaged”. It is very unlikely that your cartridge is suddenly missing or damaged. What you have suffered unbeknowns to you is a printer update, rendering your cartridge inoperable. HP natuarally want you to buy their cartridge and not a “refill” if you like, and you can’t blame them for that, but a better way to do it is to play fair. Keep the cost competitive. If the prices were reasonable there would be no aftermarket to begin with. Really, it’s akin to pulling up to your petrol station and saying “Fill her up”, to be told “Oh no, you can’t do that, you have to replace your tank!”. Madness. Here at Toner and Ink Factory while we can’t stop the original manufacturers we can at least replace your cartridge should you encounter a problem with one of our cartridges due to an update. It’s a nuisance for sure but at least you won’t be out of pocket. And when replacing your printer we strongly suggest you look at Brother. A little dearer perhaps, but the running costs and support are far superior than the other manufacturers.

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