Our mission is to be the place people know they can trust with their printing, away from the manufacturers and brands that only draw profit from the lack of experience and printing expertise of their customers.

Who are we?

We’re a small Irish business based out of Navan, Co. Meath, that deals with anything printing-related we have heard of. This business started in 2010 with just two people focused entirely on remanufacturing toner printer cartridges, and since then has grown to be the much-needed printing solution that many houses and businesses rely on.

What do we do?

We sell printers, ink and toner cartridges, image drum units, imaging film, ribbons and waste toner collectors. We remanufacture, service and test the toner cartridges we sell (we’ve dedicated a whole section of this page to discussing our remanufacturing process, scroll down).

We provide many services to individuals and businesses, and hope to grow our services to continuously accommodate the printing needs of households and businesses. Our services include a well-ranged printing service, a managed print service for businesses, printing consultation and setup, and printer repairs. Because we cover many aspects of printing needs in Ireland, we are able to offer our printing service at very competitive prices and fast turnaround.

Where we’re headed.

As this business grows, our services and features develop further, bringing us closer to fulfilling our mission. This goes for our services as a business, such as introducing box-printing and other services down to the road, as well as the features we bring to the business to make it easier for people to leave their printing concerns to us. 

For instance, one feature we hope to eventually integrate is an informational panel into the user area of our website for Managed Print Services clients in which they can see various statistics relating to their managed print service, such as the levels of each printer we manage and a breakdown of their expenditure from various angles (cost-per-page per printer, cost of cartridges per month/year, etc.).

We also hope to eventually integrate a better online service for our printing service, where customers can select from our own templates for their business cards, seasonal cards and other printing products to order. 

Soon, we hope to be able to offer comparisons site-wide for every one of our remanufactured products to the original – quick comparisons for the likes of cost-per-page, capacity and yield that make it easier for people to make a choice.

Our concern is covering the needs of everyone that prints – businesses and individuals. We aim to be the first step people take with their printing.