Ink fading but cartridge just changed?

This is something that can happen occasionally with inkjet printers, especially when switching from one brand to another. The simple fix is to run a head clean. This is a facility that comes built into the printer and is accessed usually through the screen on your printer. You will see the “maintenance” section typically designated by a spanner and screwdriver symbol. Access it by pressing on the screen, if touchscreen, or pressing ok when it’s highlighted. Once in the maintenance section perform a nozzle check first and then if sections are missing, which they most likely are, a head clean.

If your printer does not have a screen then access the maintenance tab through your computer. On Windows XP through to Windows 7 click on the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, click on printers and devices, right click on your printer model, select printer properties, locate the maintenance tab and follow the instructions above. For Windows 10 using your search facility type devices and printers, click on your printer model, then manage, select printer properties, locate the maintenance tab and follow as above.

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